The Faculty of Technology is the newly established faculty of the University of Jaffna. The Higher Education Ministers' order of establishment is Gazetted on the 29th of March 2016, Gazette No:9/1960. The Council of the University of Jaffna, at its 408th meeting held on 02nd April 2016 appointed Prof. K. Kandasamy as the acting Dean of the faculty from the 04th of April 2016 to 30th of September 2016. On the retirement of Prof. K. Kandasamy, Prof. S. Srisatkunarajah was appointed as the acting Dean from 1st of October.

Ministry of Education together with the National Institute of Education (NIE) having identified the importance of the knowledge on the Technological subjects, decided to introduce the Technological Stream to the Advanced Level. Several Academics from leading universities have been engaged in the preparation of the syllabuses for the Technological Stream.

The Technological stream is to be distinctly identifiable as a separate stream at the Advanced Level and more focused on technology subjects. It comprises of following subjects;

Students could select either Engineering Technology or Bio - Systems Technology subjects for the Advanced Level. The second subject in the three subjects' combination chosen by a student is "Science for Technology" which will provide necessary fundamentals of science, mathematics and information technology to directly support the learning of the chosen technology subject. "Science for Technology" is compulsory for all students.

The third subject could be selected from the following Basket of nine subjects: Economics, Geography, Home Economics, Logic and Scientific Method, Communication and Media Studies, Art, Information and Communication Technology, Business Studies and Agriculture Science. The first batch of students followed the Advanced Level Technology stream sat the A/L examination in August 2015. Thus, in October 2016 onwards, undergraduate students shall be admitted to the universities under Technology stream. Faculty of Technology is established as the tenth faculty of the University of Jaffna to cater the immediate needs of commencing degree programmes leading to Bachelor in Technology for those who have been following technology stream in the G.C.E advanced level. The Faculty of Technology shall fulfil the mission of the University by building an educational system more suited to the technological needs of the country, which goes beyond the confines of the conventional knowledge systems and requires human resources with the technological skills and experience for the progress of technology in the Country. The first batch of students shall be admitted to the University of Jaffna in academic year 2015/16. It has been announced to admit initially 275 students. Moreover, there is a possible increase of another 125 students would be admitted depends on the completion of the construction of the academic buildings. The Faculty of Technology consists of three academic departments with six specializations. The cadre requirement of the faculty is 65 academic cadres and 53 non - academic cadres. These cadres are to be filled over the period of four years with the offering of academic programmes at increasing levels.

Since 2013, the University of Jaffna and Vavuniya Campus of University of Jaffna have been working in collaboration with the Standing Committee of UGC on Technology Stream, to design and offer three degree programmes: Bachelor of Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Bio-system Technology and Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology, to mould the entrants as technocrats, capable of serving the contemporary needs of industries and service sectors. In this regard, the University of Jaffna entrusted the Faculties of Science, Agriculture and Applied Sciences to develop the preliminary proposal for the degree programme and its infrastructure to admit students who sat the A/L Examination in August 2015. The outline of the Degree Programme was already submitted and approved by the Standing Committee on Technology and the UGC, the Ministry of Higher Education.