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Department of Biosystems Technology

Department of Biosystems Technology

The Department of Biosystems Technology offers Bachelor of Biosystems Technology (BBT) programme of four years duration. At present, the Department provides two specializations under Bachelor of Biosystems Technology, namely Commercial Green Farming Technology and Food Production Technology. The specialization commences from the fourth semester and selection is made at the end of the third semester based on the student performance in the first three semester examinations in Technology.

The degrees are named according to the type of the programmes, nature of the specialization and SLQF norms. The degrees awarded by the faculty for the technology students upon the completion of the programme for which they are admitted and the specialization they followed is given below.

Programme Specialization Title of the Degree
Biosystems Technology Commercial Green FarmingBachelor of Biosystems Technology in Commercial Green Farming Technology.
Food Production TechnologyBachelor of Biosystems Technology in Food Production Technology.